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Efikasnost primene herbicida u usevu soje u južnom Banatu

dc.creatorStanković, Radojko
dc.creatorMomirović, Nebojša
dc.creatorLazarević, Jasna
dc.description.abstractThe paper deals with the efficiency of applied herbicides and its different combination on weed synuzia in soybean crop grown in different location in southern Banat on chernozem soil type. Based on results of four yeas trials which were conducted nearby Pancevo weed synuzia of soybean crop have consisted of relatively small number of species, among others dominant were terrofhytes and especially grass weeds: Setaria viridis ,and Paniicum cruss-galli, and broadleaf species such us Amaranthus retroflexus, Chenopodium album, Chenopodium hybridum and Solarium nigrum. It is important also to emphized that Xanthium strumarium on some locations could be a specific problem. Sorghum halepense, Convolvulus arvensis are the most common perennial weeds species. Combined application of herbicides that includes pre-emergence treatment followed by post-emergence treatment considerably have affected weed abundance and biomass, showing very high efficiency of weed control in soybean crop. Very frequent dry periods during emergence and initial growth of soybean crop could decrease efficiency of pre-em applied herbicides, and that's why the results are not always satisfactory regarding weed control possibilities. Post emergence application have considerable benefits regarding its efficiency, even in decreased quantities of applied herbicides. Mode and range of action of applied herbicides and its combinations should be adopted regarding floristic composition of weed synuzia in given specific circumstances , due to a intensive time and spatial variability. Under conditions of similar abundance of gass and broadleaf weeds the highest efficiency was shown with the post-em application of combined herbicides oxasulphuron and imasetapir-amonnia including adjuvant. In such season with high precipitation during the whole vegetation, as it was 2001., the excellent efficiency of herbicide dimethanamyd was realized, but very high efficiency was shown by pre-emergence application of prometrin and f-metolachlor.en
dc.publisherHerbološko društvo Srbije
dc.sourceActa herbologica
dc.subjectsoybean cropen
dc.subjectherbicide efficiencyen
dc.subjectSouthern Banaten
dc.subjectbroadleaf and perennial weedsen
dc.titleHerbicide application efficiency in soybean crop in southern Banaten
dc.titleEfikasnost primene herbicida u usevu soje u južnom Banatusr
dc.citation.other13(2): 427-436

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