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Sadržaj teških metala u plodovima jabuke sorte Idared u proizvodnim lokalitetima Čačanskog kraja

dc.creatorMilinković, Mira
dc.creatorMiletić, Rade
dc.creatorRaičević, Vera
dc.creatorLalević, Blažo
dc.description.abstractIn the present paper we investigated contents of heavy metals (As, Pb, Cd and Hg) and health damaging substances (nitrates and nitrites) in fruits of apple 'Idared' grown on different localities in the Čačak region. The cultivar dominates local commercial apple plantings and is the leading apple cultivar produced for both export and domestic markets. Therefore, control of sanitary and health status of produced apple fruits is of key importance. Arsenic (As) content in apple fruits varies among localities, ranging from 0.0035 mg/kg to 0.0071 mg/kg, variation coefficient being from 4.51% to 36.82%. Lead (Pb) content ranged from 0.0035 mg/kg to 0.0807 mg/kg, its variation coefficient being 4.51-11.44%. Cadmium (Cd) and mercury (Hg) contents were within the range 0.0028- 0.0059 mg/kg and 0.0058-0.0076 mg/kg, respectively, their variation coefficients varying by localities between 6.11% and 37.10% and 6.03% and 23.67%, respectively. Nitrates and nitrites content in all samples was below 3 mg/kg of fresh fruit weight. The established contents of heavy metals, nitrates and nitrites was considerably lower than prescribed by Regulation. The obtained results infer that the growing region above is very suitable for commercial apple production in the studied parameters.en
dc.description.abstractIspitivan je sadržaj teških metala (As, Pb, Cd i Hg) i štetnih materija (nitrata i nitrita) u plodovima jabuke sorte Idared, na različitim lokalitetima čačanskog kraja. U zavisnosti od lokaliteta, sadržaj As u plodovima je bio od 0,0035 mg/kg do 0.0071 mg/kg, Pb od 0,0035 mg/kg do 0,0807 mg/kg, Cd od 0,0028 mg/kg do 0,0059 mg/kg i Hg od 0,0058 mg/kg do 0,0076 mg/kg. Sadržaj nitrata i nitrita u svim uzorcima je bio manji od 3 mg/kg sveže mase plodova jabuke. Utvrđeni sadržaj teških metala, kao i sadržaj nitrata i nitrita je znatno manji nego što je to definisano zakonskom regulativom. Prema dobijenim rezultatima, područje ispitivanja je veoma pogodno za komercijalnu proizvodnju jabuke u pogledu ispitivanih
dc.publisherNaučno voćarsko društvo Srbije, Čačak
dc.relationinfo:eu-repo/grantAgreement/MESTD/Technological Development (TD or TR)/31080/RS//
dc.subjectcultivar localitiesen
dc.subjectheavy metalsen
dc.subjectnitrates and nitritesen
dc.subjectteški metalisr
dc.subjectnitrati i nitritesr
dc.titleHeavy metals content in apple cultivar 'Idared' grown in commercial plantings of the Čačak regionen
dc.titleSadržaj teških metala u plodovima jabuke sorte Idared u proizvodnim lokalitetima Čačanskog krajasr
dc.citation.other46(179-180): 99-105

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