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      Machine learning chemometric model for Raman spectroscopy based honey quality assessment [1]
      Machinery rings in the Serbian agriculture: Experiences, challenges and future development [1]
      Machines in plant protection, fruit and grape production: Condition and needs [1]
      Macroeconomic reforms in Eastern and Central Europe impact on agriculture [1]
      Macroinvertebrates of Serbian streams and their significance as bioindicators in estimation of water quality [1]
      Macrophytes as remediation technology in improving ludas lake sediment [1]
      Macrosiphoniella helichrysi (Hemiptera: Aphididae), potencijalna štetočina smilja u Srbiji [1]
      Macrosiphoniella helichrysi (Hemiptera: Aphididae), potential pest of immortelle in Serbia [1]
      Macrozoobenthos in the Pusta Reka river, left tributary of the South Morava River [1]
      Magnesium content in soil and roughages depending on soil type and forage crops [1]
      Main characteristics of dry cured pork shoulder and boneless dry cured pork shoulder prepared using traditional procedure of salting, smoking and drying [1]
      Main environmental impacts associated with production and consumption of milk and yogurt in Serbia - Monte Carlo approach [1]
      Maintenance and analysis of soil structure [1]
      Maintenance of the drainage system in Southeast Srem [1]
      Maintenance properties of domestically produced stone fruit tree shaker [1]
      Maize growing under different tillage systems [1]
      Maize susceptibility to interaction between sulfonylurea herbicides and soil applied insecticides [1]
      Maize Weed infestation under intensive cropping practices [1]
      Maize, sunflower and barley sensitivity to the residual activity of clomazone in soil [1]
      Makroekonomske reforme u Istočnoj i Centralnoj Evropi - njihov uticaj na poljoprivredu [1]