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      Validation of Non-destructive Methodology of Grapevine Leaf Area Estimation on cv. Blaufrankisch (Vitis vinifera L.) [1]
      Validation of novel food safety climate components and assessment of their indicators in Central and Eastern European food industry [1]
      Valorizacija galijuma iz kiselog cinkovog luga [1]
      Valorization of gallium from acidic zinc's liquor [1]
      Valorization of Winery Waste: Prokupac Grape Seed as a Source of Nutritionally Valuable Oil [1]
      Valorization potential of Plantago major L. solid waste remaining after industrial tincture production: Insight into the chemical composition and bioactive properties [1]
      Valuation of feed storages [1]
      Variability and correlation analysis some traits of sage [1]
      Variability and correlation between basic quality parameters of raw cow milk [1]
      Variability and correlations between yield components of soybean [Glycine max (L.) Merr.] [1]
      Variability and heredity of some qualitative and quantitative grapevine characteristics [1]
      Variability and heritability coefficient of average dry matter content in onion (Allium cepa L.) bulbs [1]
      Variability and heritability of body measurements in performance tested Simmental bulls [1]
      Variability and heritability of bunch traits in four interspecies crossing combinations of grapevine [1]
      Variability and heritability of flower traits, flowering and fruit set in promising peach hybrids [1]
      Variability and heritability of milk traits of holstein - frisian bull dams and their progeny [1]
      Variability and heritability of nitrogen nutrition efficiency indicators in winter wheat [1]
      Variability and heritability of tree and shoot characteristics in ‘Oblačinska’ sour cherry clones [1]
      Variability and heritability of yield and yield components in maize [1]
      Variability and heritability of yield components in maize populations with exotic germplasm [1]