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      HACCP in fermented meat production [1]
      Haemolytic activity of rhisome and root extract of Helleborus odorus Waldst. et Kit. applied on Wistar rats [1]
      Handling climate change education at universities: an overview [1]
      Handling the impacts of climate change on soil biodiversity [1]
      Haotičan model ekonomskog rasta i učešće poljoprivrede u outputu [1]
      Haotičan model rasta poljoprivrednog stanovništva [1]
      Haotični model rasta profita u proizvodnji poljoprivrednih mašina [1]
      Haotični model rasta proizvodnje poljoprivrednih mašina [1]
      Haotični model rasta stope fiksnih investicija u proizvodnji kombajna [1]
      Haotični poljoprivredni rast i marginalni kapitalni koeficijent [1]
      Harmful and undesirable species in the meadow communities of the Stara planina mountain [1]
      Harmful plants in meadow associations of Serbia [1]
      Harvest time effect on quantitative and qualitative parameters of forage maize [1]
      Has Organic Farming Potential for Development? Comparative Study in Romania and Serbia [1]
      Hazardous elements speciation in sandy, alkaline coal mine overburden by using different sequential extraction procedures [1]
      Healing Properties of Honey with Mushroom Coriolus versicolor [1]
      Health and Safety Effects of Airborne Soil Dust in the Americas and Beyond [1]
      Health and welfare of dairy cows in Serbia [1]
      Health Benefits and Applications of Goji Berries in Functional Food Products Development: A Review [1]
      Health calves and cows holstein friesian race in puerperium (review research) [1]