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      Fabrication and applications of multifunctional nanostructured TiO2 [2]
      Fabrication, characterization and photoelectrochemical behavior of Fe2TiO5 screen printed thick films [1]
      Facile chemical synthesis and characterization of polyester/magnesium oxide nanoparticles for biomedical aplication [1]
      Facile synthesis of poly(epsilon-caprolactone) micro and nanospheres using different types of polyelectrolytes as stabilizers under ambient and elevated temperature [1]
      Factor analysis of milk production on selected farms in Zlatibor district [1]
      Factor analysis of the production conditions and results on mixed family farms [1]
      Factor influencing irrigation on slopes [1]
      Factorial analysis of slaughter characteristics of fattening pigs fed different additives-enzyme and probiotic in mixtures [1]
      Factors affecting dry matter intake and its prediction for Holstein cows [1]
      Factors affecting host plant selection in alfalfa aphids [1]
      Factors affecting rearing practices and health of calves on family farms [1]
      Factors affecting variability of daily gains of Simmental bulls in test [1]
      Factors influencing alcohol and extract separation in beer dialysis [1]
      Factors of rational utilization of protein in pig fatteners nutrition [1]
      Factors the regional development agriculture of Serbia [1]
      Faecal contamination and hygiene aspect associated with the use of treated wastewater and canal water for irrigation of potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) [1]
      Failures in conveying hygienic procedures during milking of cows [1]
      Faktori efektivnosti proizvodnje kukuruza i suncokreta na porodičnim gazdinstvima [1]
      Faktori enzimske koagulacije mleka [1]
      Faktori koji utiču na konzumiranje suve materije i njeno predviđanje za krave Holštajn rase [1]