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      A bioassay technique to study clomazone residues in sandy loam soil [1]
      A bioassessment of soil nickel genotoxic effect in orchard planted on rehabilitated coalmine overburden [1]
      A biochemical and proteomic approach to the analysis of tomato mutant fruit growth [Biohemijski i proteomički pristup u analizi rastenja plodova mutanta paradajza] [1]
      A biotroph sets the stage for a necrotroph to play: ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma solani’ infection of sugar beet facilitated Macrophomina phaseolina root rot [1]
      A case of monstra duplicia in Tetranychus urticaekoch (Acari: Tetranychidae) [1]
      A catechism of the 7 principles of HACCP concept: The 7 deadly sins and 7 heavenly virtues of food safety [1]
      A chaotic agricultural growth and the marginal capital coefficient [1]
      A chaotic agricultural machines production growth model [1]
      A chaotic economic growth model and the agricultural share of an output [1]
      A chaotic fixed investment rate growth model in the combine production [1]
      A chaotic growth model of agricultural population [1]
      A chaotic profit growth model in the agricultural machines production [1]
      A chemometric approach to evaluate the impact of pulses, Chlorella and Spirulina on proximate composition, amino acid, and physicochemical properties of turkey burgers [2]
      A chemometrics as a powerful tool in the elucidation of the role of metals in the biosynthesis of volatile organic compounds in Hungarian thyme samples [1]
      A comparative economic analysis of the different varieties in integrated apple production [1]
      A Comparative Study of DNA Binding and Cell Cycle Phase Perturbation by the Dinuclear Complex of Cd(II) with the Condensation Product of 2-Acetylpyridine and Malonic Acid Dihydrazide N ',N ' 2-bis[(1E)-1-(2-pyridyl) ethylidene] propanedihydrazide [1]
      A Comparative Study of In Vitro Cytotoxic, Antioxidant, and Antimicrobial Activity of Pt( II), Zn( II), Cu( II), and Co( III) Complexes with N-heteroaromatic Schiff Base ( E)-2-[ N-( 1-pyridin-2-yl-ethylidene) hydrazino] acetate [1]
      A comparison between Warner-Bratzler shear force measurement and texture profile analysis of meat and meat products: a review [1]
      A comparison of composition and emulsifying properties of MFGM materials prepared from different dairy sources by microfiltration [1]
      A comparison of five methods for reference evapotranspiration estimation in the West, Central, Eastern, and Southern Serbia [1]