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dc.creatorDjermanović, Vladan
dc.creatorMitrović, Sreten
dc.creatorPetrović, Milica
dc.description.abstractThese investigations were attended to identify the influence of parental flock age at heavy hybrid Cobb 500 (usage period) on more important reproductive capabilities, respectively, on carrying eggs intensity of brood eggs, incubation results, egg mass, one-day old chick weight, as well as on relative chick weight share in complete egg weight. Flock usage period lasted for 40 weeks (all eggs), respectively 38 (brood eggs) weeks and there was possibility, based on achieved results, with evaluation of phenotype correlation, to get some concrete conclusions about the age influence on analysed parameters during mentioned flock rising period. Phenotype correlation among investigated characteristics has been identified since second half of parental flock using period, since 41(st) week age (20(th) carrying eggs week) up to the end of production process when parental flock was 61 week old (41(st) egg production week). Flock age has statistically significant (P lt 0.05) influence on carrying eggs intensity of brood eggs until 50(th) week (r(p) = 0.389) and on percentage of chicken feasibility regard the complete number of inputted eggs until RP week (r(p) = 0.416). There was statistically significant increasing of egg weight and one-day old incubated chicken weight (P lt 0.001) as parental flock was older. Complete correlation was found between egg weight and absolute chick weight (P lt 0.001), and very strong (P lt 0.001) or strong (P lt 0.01) correlation between egg mass and relative chick share [(chicken weight/egg weight) x 100].en
dc.sourceJournal of Food, Agriculture and Environment
dc.subjectBroiler breeder ageen
dc.subjectincubated eggs weighten
dc.subjectchick weighten
dc.subjectchick qualityen
dc.subjectphenotypic correlationen
dc.titleBroiler breeder age affects carrying eggs intensity, brood eggs incubation values and chicken qualityen
dc.citation.issue3-4 PART 1
dc.citation.other8(3-4 PART 1): 666-670

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