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      A Tool for Meeting Information Needs of the Key Stakeholders [1]
      Analysis of the methods for wind turbine protection against direct atmospheric discharges [1]
      Application and viability of autochthonous spray dried potential probiotic lactic acid bacteria in food and gastrointestinal conditions [1]
      Aroma encapsulation in carnauba wax, alginate and polyvinyl alcohol [1]
      Biochemical and functional properties of beer with the addition of Ganoderma lucidum mushroom [1]
      Biohemijska i funkcionalna svojstva piva sa dodatkom gljive Ganoderma lucidum [1]
      Characteristics of tea fungus-kombucha, fermented in the presence of selected medicinal mushroom species extracts [1]
      Characteristics of white brined cheeses made from goat milk subjected to different heat treatments [1]
      Characteristics, Processes and Classification [1]
      Characterization and determination of bacteriocins produced by autochthonous Lactococci [1]
      Chemical characterization and biological properties of polysaccharide extracts of fungi Fomes fomentarius, Auricularia auricula-judae and Sparassis crispa. [1]
      Chemical characterization, antioxidative and antimicrobial properties of polysaccharide extracts from the selected mushroom species [1]
      Contamination of plants by pathogenic bacteria from irrigation water [1]
      Development and optimization of novel eletronic device for automatic control of liquid starter fertilizer injection in maize sowing. [1]
      Distribution dependence of U and Th series radionuclides, 40K and 137Cs on physicochemical properties of soil in the soil plant system [1]
      Diversity, biological and molecular characterization of cucurbit viruses and disease epidemiology in Serbia [1]
      Diverzitet, biološka i molekularna karakterizacija virusa tikava i epidemologija oboljenja u Srbiji [1]
      Economic efficiency of different crop production models on family farms [1]
      Effect of added milk protein concentrates and ultrasonic treatment on the characteristics of set-style yogurt made from goat milk [1]
      Effects of mixtures containing different protein and fatlevels on growth and feed conversion ratio of common carp (Cyprinus carpio,L., 1758) [1]