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Uticaj NATO bombardovanja na stratosferski i troposferski ozon i životnu sredinu u Jugoslaviji

dc.creatorRajković, Miloš
dc.description.abstractBy his presence and activity, man exerts an influence on and disturbs the natural equilibrium. In the case of some chemical synthetic compounds, this influence may not only be great, but tragic. The decrease of the concentration of stratospheric ozone and the increase of the concentration of tropospheric ozone, although two opposite processes, have as a consequence environmental pollution by a chemical substance and become a great problem that is difficult for man to solve. The 'Chlorofluorocarbon revolution' brought great progress in the development of mankind and introduced in to application, according to all standards, an ideal material - chlorofluorocarbons (freon), which became widely utilized in the industry of refrigirating devices, foamy materials, aerosols, etc. On the other hand, it became apparent that this material is extremely fatal for nature. Ozone holes and the greenhouse effect are the most obvious con­sequences with apocalyptic prospects (Pessimistric model). The major problem in inducing these dangerous occurrences are the concentrations of atomic chlorine or bromine which increase with chlorofluorocarbon distributions (for example the war, why not?!) in the atmosphere. In the first part of this paper, the basic mechanism of the chemical action of ato­mic chlorine and bromine is showed and consequently the decrease of the stratospheric ozone concentration and the increase of the concentration tropospheric ozone. In the second part of this paper the suppositions of the 78-day NATO bombardment of Yugoslavia on the stratospheric and tropospheric ozone and environment is given. The consequences of this action are not momentary or local, but long lasting with serious consequences on all human kind, as well as on mother Earth. The data used for the preparation of this paper are not completely accessible to the public, but with high significance it is possible to speculate about relevant data and assume possible consequences on the environment. Time will confirm or deny the postulated hypothesis. Unfortunately, the invisible consequences will appear very soon, and, what is worse, so will many dramatic ones.en
dc.description.abstractU prvom delu ovog rada prikazan je osnovni mehanizam hemijskog dejstva atomskog hlora i broma na procese smanjenja stratosferskog ozona i povećanja troposferskog ozona, kao i razlozi i posledice toga. U drugom delu rada date su pretpostavke efekata NATO bombardovanja Jugoslavije sa posledicama na procese stratosferskog ozona i na životnu sredinu u našoj zemlji. Podaci koji su služili za pisanje ovoga rada nisu u potpunosti dostupni javnosti, ali se sa velikom sigurnošću može govoriti o meritornim i mogućim posledicama na životnu sredinu, a vreme koje dolazi pokazaće da li su sve pretpostavke bile tač
dc.publisherSavez hemijskih inženjera, Beograd
dc.sourceHemijska industrija
dc.subjectstratospheric ozoneen
dc.subjecttropospheric ozoneen
dc.subjectrefrigrating fluidsen
dc.subjectchlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)en
dc.subjectozone holeen
dc.subjectgreen house effecten
dc.subjectNATO activenen
dc.subjectstratosferski ozonsr
dc.subjecttroposferski ozonsr
dc.subjectrashladni fluidisr
dc.subjectozonska rupasr
dc.subjectefekat staklene baštesr
dc.subjectNATO bombardovanjesr
dc.titleInfluence of NATO bombarding on the stratospheric and tropospheric ozone and environment of Yugoslaviaen
dc.titleUticaj NATO bombardovanja na stratosferski i troposferski ozon i životnu sredinu u Jugoslavijisr
dc.citation.other54(2): 64-79

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