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      Yield and chemical composition of soybean seed under different irrigation regimes in the Vojvodina region [1]
      Yield and contents of some bioactive components of basil (Ocimum basilicum l.) depending on time of cutting [1]
      Yield and grape quality of table varieties of different ripening periods [1]
      Yield and grape quality of table varieties of early ripening periods [1]
      Yield and morpnological traits in alfalfa varieties of different origin [1]
      Yield and nutritional value of permanent grassland forage under simulated rotational grazing [1]
      Yield and quality of fruit of introduced strawberry cultivars [1]
      Yield and quality of new wine-grape varieties and clones of the Belgrade area [1]
      Yield and quality of soybean cultivars under different agroecological conditions [1]
      Yield and quality of soybean milk and tofu as affected by production method [1]
      Yield and quality of thyme under different agroecological conditions in Serbia [1]
      Yield and quality of white mustard seed depending on the seeding dates [1]
      Yield and yield components of imidazolinone-resistant sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) are influenced by pre-emergence herbicide and time of post-emergence weed removal [1]
      Yield Components and Fruit Quality of Floricane Fruiting Raspberry Cultivars Grown in Serbia [1]
      Yield Components and Fruit Quality of Promising Yellow Fruit Raspberry Seedlings [1]
      Yield of artichoke leaves in regard to the agroecological conditions of cultivation [1]
      Yield of grass-leguminous mixtures depending on the botanical composition and fertilization with nitrogen [1]
      Yield of meat for pork prosciutto production [1]
      Yield of muscles for production of Užice Beef Prshuta [1]
      Yield of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) depending on the conditions of production and mass of mother tuber [1]