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Pomološke osobine introdukovanih ranih sorti breskve

dc.creatorNenadović-Mratinić, Evica
dc.creatorMilatović, Dragan
dc.creatorKovačević, Nataša
dc.creatorDjurović, Dejan
dc.description.abstractAlthough, there is significant demand for early ripening time peach cultivars in our country, the present assortment, production and fruit quality are not satisfactory. Therefore, some early ripening cultivars (Goldcrest, Royal Gold, Maycrest, Harbrite, Sentry, Brixton, Valeria and Botto) were introduced in order to study their pomological properties and best of them were recommended for commercial growing. Researches were done in the collection peach orchard of the Faculty of Agriculture, at the school experimental station Radmilovac during the period of 1996-1998. Important pomological properties, such as ripening time, physical and chemical fruit characteristics and organoleptic evaluation of fruit quality were studied. Cultivars Springtime and Dixired were used as standards. The average ripening time of investigated cultivars ranged from June 14 (Goldcrest) to July 17 (Brixton). Fruit weight and soluble solids content ranged from 84.95 g (Goldcrest) to 195.53 g (Sentry), i.e. 10.68% (Maycrest) to 13.87% (Botto), respectively. Based on all studied parameters, the best results were obtained in the cultivar Maycrest (belonging to the group of very early ripening cultivars) and then in cultivars Brixton and Sentry (belonging to the group of early ripening cultivars), hence they can be recommended for commercial growing in the Belgrade fruit growing area.en
dc.description.abstractIntrodukovane sorte breskve ranog vremena zrenja ispitivane su u kolekcionom zasadu Poljoprivrednog fakulteta, na školskom oglednom dobru 'Radmilovac' u periodu 1996-1998. Ispitivanjem su obuhvaćene sledeće važnije osobine: vreme zrenja, fizičko-hemijske osobine ploda i organoleptička ocena kvaliteta ploda. Proučavane su novointrodukovane rane sorte breskve: Goldcrest, Royal Gold, Maycrest, Sentry, Harbrite, Brixton, Valeria, Botto, a kao standardi sorte Springtime i Dixired. Najbolje rezultate pokazale su sorte Maycrest (iz grupe vrlo ranih), Brixton i Sentry (iz grape ranih), te se mogu preporučiti za intenzivnije gajenje u gročansko-smederevskom
dc.publisherSavez poljoprivrednih inženjera i tehničara, Beograd
dc.sourceJournal of Scientific Agricultural Research
dc.subjectmasa plodasr
dc.subjectocena kvaliteta plodasr
dc.subjectsuve materijesr
dc.subjectvreme zrenjasr
dc.titlePomological properties of introduced early ripening peach cultivarsen
dc.titlePomološke osobine introdukovanih ranih sorti breskvesr
dc.citation.other62(3-4): 61-69

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